Ra-La-La program for small kids (using Nursery Rhymes for early childhood development )

Singing nursery rhymes to small kids is an age old activity that has been used to have fun and enjoyment with little ones. Little does one realize that rhymes and songs can be effective tools contributing towards early childhood development. Ralala program is structured in such a way that rhymes and songs are used to derive multifold benefits for participating kids and toddlers alongwith oodles of fun

Benefits of Rhymes and Songs for small kids

  • Introduction to new vocabulary words
  • Effective language development through use of different phonic sounds. Children get comfortable with use of letters and words
  • Effective use of Rhyming words builds a sense of sequence and pattern in small kids. This is an early Numeracy skill
  • Keen sense of listening . Auditory closure technique gets them to listen keenly to what the instructor is humming and effective closure gives them a sense of achievement. This adds to fun and enjoyment during the session . (for more info on auditory closure technique you can write to me)
  • Singing of Rhymes coupled with movement of fine motor and gross motor muscles add to motor exercise of kids
  • Rhyme narration by every child during the session builds an important skill of respect ( which can be in terms of waiting for your turn) and appreciation . Rhyme narration helps small kids overcome fear and social anxiety building confidence along way.
  • Song and Music have been for long used for developing calmness in human beings and that is what I strive to do in these sessions. (Mantra chanting)
  • Theme based Rhymes add to knowledge of self and world around. For e.g Theme of Christmas introduced them to Reindeer, snowman, concept of sharing, love, being good, Santa Claus, celebration. English Literacy and Numeracy is also being included by use of Rhymes like (S-A-N-T-A is his name, 10 little elves)

We host this program on weekend and weekdays as well. If you want your little one to participate in the sessions you could write to me at preetivaishnavi@gmail.com. We do allow for one free demo session.

(Author: Ms Preeti Vaishnavi is an early childhood educator heading a leading preschool in the city of Gurgaon)

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