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Things to carry on vacation with a small child

Going on a long vacation is fun and relaxing for the mind but with a small baby, you need to be very cautious. Babies do not have a strong immune system like adults so we need to keep in mind that they are comfortable and safe while travelling. Here we are discussing the important things that you need to carry while travelling with a small baby.

1. Plastic bags- Plastic bags can be used to put in leftover food, dirty clothes or to throw diapers. These bags can also be used in case of vomiting or motion sickness

2. Coloring book- Take a colouring book with you to keep the baby engaged.

3. Healthy snack- Take a healthy and dry snack with you in case you or your baby feels hungry. Snacks will also keep your child engaged.

4. Sippy cup- Sippy cup to drink water or milk

5. Small favourite toys- The vacation can be long and boring, in this situation their favourite toy will help them be comfortable with the new environment.

6. Favourite blanket- Add a favourite blanket for your baby to sleep on and protect them from different temperatures.

7. Wipes- You are going to need them a lot while travelling, always keep some extra wipes because there are never enough for your baby

8. Diapers- This is something that we cannot forget and is non-negotiable.

9. Medicines- Do not forget prescribed and some OTC medicines, your will need to have them on time prescribed by a doctor.

10. Digital Thermometer- Digital thermometer to regularly check the temperature and take immediate action on it.

11. Extra clothes- Keep some extra clothes that are comfortable. While travelling, there are certain times when the baby feels tired and needs some comfort.

12. Lollipops or favourite drink- Take some of your child’s favourite lollipop or drink while travelling on a plane to relieve ear pressure.

13. Bandages- Bandages in case of any injury

14. A couple of reading books- Books are really helpful in engaging the child and keep them occupied for hours.

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