7 Interesting Winter Activities to do with your kids

Winters can be challenging for small kids. It’s a tough task for many parents to protect children from viral flu and cold and keep them entertained in this chilled weather. Here we are going to discuss some great ideas to keep our child entertained and enjoy the winters without spending much money.

1. Papercraft-

Papercraft is a great idea to keep your child engaged and being creative. They can spend time creating something interesting while being inside the home. Papercraft is also beneficial for fine motor skills development and can be done using materials that are easily found in every household.

2. Games and puzzles-

Games and puzzles are other interesting ways to engage your child. It’s a great way to keep them away from technology and get them to solve some puzzles on their own. Solving puzzles is extremely beneficial for toddlers and kids in developing their cognitive abilities. There are puzzles for each age group that is inexpensive.

3. Cooking together-

Cooking is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged and also helps to develop many different skills. Good for fine motor skill development and help them understand the nutritional values of food. You can ask them to wash vegetables, peel potatoes, make dough etc.

4. Attend local festivals and events-

Attend some local festivals and events with your child. Good for your child to develop some great social skills. Let them have some enjoyment with the kids of their age group. There are plenty of festivals in India like Christmas, New Year, Lodhi, Makar Sankranti, etc to celebrate with your child.

5. Bonfire-

Invite your family and friends for a bonfire party. These small get together create some sense of bonding in your child and they try to get familiar with others which helps in developing their social skill.

6. Build a snowman

If you live in a place where there is snow, build a snowman. You could also have snowball fights and have lots of fun. Let your child build a snowman in their own style and enjoy the winters.

7. Watch Movies Together-

Watching movies together on a cold winter evening with kids is not only entertaining but also comforting. Cook some good home-cooked food that kids love to eat and get cozy together while watching favourite movies together.

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