10 Kids movies you will love watching with your child

You all must have had times where you and your child would like to get together to watch a movie.  However, it can take time to decide which kids movies to watch, because you are worried if your child will like it or not. But worry not! Here are 10 critically-acclaimed (but more importantly child-loved) kids movies which will surely make your movie-watching experience great

1.Toy Story 4 (2019)

You can’t go wrong with any kids movie in the Toy Story franchise, but Toy Story 4‘s new character, Forky, is basically engineered to be delightful to children. Plus, you get a heartwarming tale about what happens when a toy and its child are ready to move on from each other. 

2.Coco (2017)

A young boy named Miguel goes through the Land of the Dead during Día de Los Muertos and learns hard truths about his ancestors. That sounds like a sad and frightening premise for a movie, but, in Pixar’s hands, it’s actually a warm, colorful journey that strengthens family connections. This kids movie is a delight to watch

3.Moana (2016)

More hero than a princess, Moana takes to the sea with the demigod Maui to save her village and people. With a feel-good ending and a strong female lead, this can help teach children that anyone can be the hero or be strong – a girl or a boy. In this kids movie soundtrack is equally as globetrotting, mixing elements of traditional South Pacific music with Broadway and even hip-hop.

4. Finding Nemo (2003)

You can look to many Pixar kids movies like Cars, however, parents might find this one — about the crazy things that parents do in order to protect their children — extra relatable.

5. Spider-Man (2018)

Into the Spiderverse (2018) – Kids never get sick of a good Spider-Man story. In this kids movie, Miles Morales learns how anyone can be a hero through some jaw-dropping animation.

6. Shaun the Sheep (2015)

The Movie (2015) – From the creators of stop-motion favorites Wallace & Gromit, and with the same sly British sense of humor, comes a story about a farmer and a flock of sheep who get separated in a big city. Most of the movie is wordless, and the humans speak in gibberish, so this is a good pick for toddlers and preschoolers.

7. Home (2015)

A classic mismatched buddy comedy, Home pairs a wayward alien named Oh with a human girl named Tip. Together, they have to help Oh figure out where he belongs. You can follow them with the series Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh on Netflix. 

8. Frozen (2013)

For any princess fans, this movie has two princesses who learn that their love for each other is the most powerful form of true love. That’s an amazing message for siblings, but we fully realize that most kids just want to hear “Let It Go.”

9. The Harry Potter Series

You can get through the first three movies in the Harry Potter series before the franchise takes a big leap in intensity — and jumps from PG to PG-13 — and probably gets too scary for younger ones. Luckily, there’s enough going on in the wizarding world of those first three films to get them dreaming about getting their own Hogwarts acceptance letters.

10. Cars (2006)

This movie helps children to see for the first time the glamour, intensity and pressures of speed racing, at the same time reinforcing the values of being kind and humble, along with emphasizing on how our home and our friends are so important to us.

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