Which diaper to buy for my little one?

Diaper is one of the most essential items on the shopping list of a young mother. Too many options available in the market are making it difficult for any mother to decide on the option best suited for the child. It has been observed that mothers typically try on 2-3 variants before deciding on which one is best for the baby. To ensure that mothers take this all important decision with least effort following is information on some of the diaper types available in the market

Cloth diapers

Wearing cloth diapers is nothing new for Indians. However in the past couple of decades changing life style of parents has put convenience at premium and majority of parents have moved away from cloth diapers. In the past couple of years cloth diapers have seen resurgence, with increasing number of people becoming conscious about damaging effect of disposable plastic diapers on environment ( more than 18 billion disposable cloth diapers add to landfill, that is huge!).Cloth diapers are now available with better absorption technology and are more economical on the pocket in the long run. Cloth diaper brands available are baby hug, bibe baby, bumpdum but leading the pack in India is Suberbottom brand of diapers with excellent reviews from mothers on our online social community.

Organic Diapers

These diapers are supposed to be made from material that is ecofriendly (paraben-free, Chemical free) making it extremely safe for baby. These diapers claim to be dermatologically tested for non-allergens, non-colorants and perfumes keeping the child safe from rashes. Parents that want to opt for something different and special opt for these diapers; however their claims need to be reviewed over a period of time. These are more expensive than other type of diapers therefore parents might have to balance their pockets with the benefits accruing out of these organic diapers. Some brands in the space are Bambo, Chicco, Heyday. These are available on all leading ecommerce platforms like Amazon.

Bhoomi & Co Organic Large Baby Diapers (White)-30 Pieces

List Price: ₹1,250.00
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Disposable diapers

Largely used by the parents nowadays. Convenience of use is one of the most important benefits that accrue to parents. With most of the diapers made with good absorbent technology, babies feel dry and comfortable for a longer period of time. These diapers are available in almost all sizes and types. With excellent reviews among our social community pamper premium leads the pack followed closely by pampers active. For your reference Following are brand in order of preference that find mention in our community of parents

Pampers premium care pant diapers

Pampers Active Baby Diapers

Mamy Poko Pants

Huggies wonder pants

Himalaya range of diapers

Pampers All round Protection Pants, New Born, Extra Small size baby diapers (NB,XS) 86 Count, Lotion with Aloe Vera (Baby Product)

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Pampers Active Baby Taped Diapers, Extra Large size diapers, (XL) 56 count, taped style custom fit (Baby Product)

List Price: ₹1,549.00 (₹27.66 / N)
New From: ₹1,301.00 (₹23.23 / N) In Stock
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Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants, Medium (5 – 11 kg), 74 Count (Baby Product)

List Price: ₹999.00 (₹13.50 / Piece)
New From: ₹599.00 (₹8.09 / Piece) In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Some factors to consider while buying diapers can be as follows

Adjustable tab – Diapers having adjustable tabs will help you fit the diaper as per sze of your child. They also come in handy in case you want to peek in for fullness of diaper

Pant style – Easy to put on and comfortable for child around the waist. Best results in terms of being leakage proof.

Scented– Many parents want light scent to do away with odor emanating, however many prefer to go without this option as well

Wetness indicator – many diapers now come with wetness indicators that make it convenient for parents to keep tab on when to change the diaper on their little one. Big score on convenience

Anti rash features – Most of the parents fear their baby to develop rashes with use of diapers. Many diapers use special features to tackle this concern

Impact on environment –  Many parents are moving away from use of disposable diapers with its known effect on mother earth. Cloth diapers are increasingly being considered by parents are they now come with better absorbent technology, great designs and are friendly on pocket as well.

Hope above information comes in handy for all the young mothers in deciding on the most essential thing on their shopping list. Happy diapering !

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