How to take care of your child’s skin in winter?

With winter season approaching, parents need to brace themselves up to take a little bit more care f their babies skin.  Skin care of babies/kids during winter season needs to be given a little more attention during winter season as cold temperature leads to dryness and chapped skin. Coupled with zeal of protective mothers in winters, over clothing of babies many a times leads to sweating and consequent rashes in skin folds of the baby. Dry air from heaters and air blowers makes it worse for the young ones.

Following steps are highly recommended to be taken for skin care of babies/kids during winter season

Ensure appropriate water intake.

During change of season dip in temperature leads to kids drinking less water. Excessive sweating due to increased number of clothing layers also leads to water loss in many kids during playtime. Due to water loss body tends to draw water from the skin of the child in the process making it dry, scaly, red and swollen. In infants, number of breastfeeds during the day should be increased to ensure proper hydration. To keep tab on whether child is hydrated enough, we need to observe color of urine. Deep Yellow or Yellow color urine suggest less water in body.  

Suggested water intake for kids by age

Ideal Water intake of a small baby should be about  150ml /kg of the body weight. Children between 4 and 8 years old should drink 1.2 litres or 5 cups of water a day. This amount rises  to 7–8 cups, by ages 9 to 13 years. For ages 14 to 18, the recommended water intake should be  8–11 cups

2. Bath time precautions

There two primary precautions to be undertaken duting bath . Firsty bath time of kids should be restricted to not more 5-10 minutes in winter. Secondly, temperature of bath water should be checked to be around lukewarm. Hot water tends to suck water from the skin. After bath baby skin should be rubbed vigorously as it is much more sensitive than adult skin. It is highly recommended to only PAT DRY.

3. Massage and Moisturizing

It is recommended that parents keep massaging their kids/babies during winter as well. Most of the parents tend to stop doing so once temperature dips.  Ensuring that room temperature is warm, children should be massaged for not more than 10 minutes with a natural oil like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. This should be followed by bath after15 minutes. After bath when skin is damp, skin should be moisturized with a natural oil or moisturizing cream.  Moisturizing cream should include natural ingredients like Canlendula oil and aloe vera. Both these ingredients have excellent moisturising effect along with being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Shea butter and glycerine are also great combinations to look for in a moisturizing cream

4. Apply Sunscreen regularly

Come winter and many parents stop applying sunscreen on their kids skin. This should be avoided. In winter sun is as harsh as in summers and UV rays of sun can damage the skin and lead to skin breakout . More over in winters we tend to take our babies out for a stroll in pram and kids play in park for more number of hours during the day. All these conditions warrant application of sunscreen even in winters.

I am sure above suggestions would ensure that your child has a comfortable winter free from dry, swollen, red or chapped skin.

PS:  I  am not a medical professional , inputs given above are based out of my own personal experience and coupled with research. Parents  are requested to check validity of suggestions for their child as each child differs on account of physiological composition.

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