Baby walker – what to look for, when you buy it?

Should you buy a baby walker? This is the dilemma most parents have! Baby walkers have been a point of debate for quite some time. While some consider them to be a natural choice to help babies get faster on their feet, some think it can make baby prone to accidents and also hinder baby development.

While both points of views may be correct, it’s pertinent to note the following points about baby walker:

  1. Don’t put small baby in a baby walker. Don’t rush into this decision. Let the baby be big enough, say 5-6 months old before you consider this decision
  2. Never leave baby unattended in a baby walker
  3. Choose a baby walker that is light, so that it allows baby to move easily. Don’t go for heavy baby walkers, as baby will find it difficult to move and get discouraged.
  4. Buy a baby walker that has broad base. It will ensure that baby doesn’t have a fall.
  5. Choose a baby walker that has extra safety, like wheel locks, seat belts etc
  6. Choose a good brand so that it’s not of poor finish or doesn’t have manufacturing defects.

We suggest you do good market research and head out to buy a baby walker only after you are sure that you need it and have identified a good product.

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