30+ Unique and most appealing baby boy/girl names of 2020

“What’s in a name” Shakespeare did ask but names do matter.  Your baby’s name will form an integral part of his /her identity. This would be the most heard word by your child in his/her lifetime. Needless to say, the baby name has to be such that it has positive connotations, is easy to pronounce, and can be spelled easily. I have brought for you a list of 30 unique baby names below. This list of baby names is unique by virtue of each and every baby name having international or should I say global appeal. These baby names can be as much Indian as they can be American. Let’s say Damir Chaudhary sounds equally appealing as Damir Jonas. We now live in a globalized world and it is therefore pertinent that we name our babies in such a way that the spirit and structure of ‘babies name’ remains intact inspite of they settling in any part of the world. We have heard a lot many stories where Punjabi name Harvinder becomes Harry in Canada and Venkatesh becomes Venky in the famous Silicon valley.

Hope you find the given baby names good enough. Do read through before you take a final call on the most important and probably the first such decision for your child.

Unique Baby boy names with global appeal

  • Anish(boy): Sun God.
  • Aryaveer(boy): Brave Man
  • Assav (boy) : Essence
  • Adhir (boy): Restless, Lord Chandra or Moon, One who is impatient
  • Ganit (boy/girl) – Garden
  • Abiyram (boy) – High Father
  • Abram (boy) – High Father
  • Damir (boy) – to give peace
  • Odin (boy) – Inspiration
  • Palani (boy/girl) – Freeman
  • Quana (boy/girl) – Aromatic/light
  • Ragnar (boy) – Army Rule
  • Sachi (boy): Girl child of Bliss
  • Saima (boy) – Fasting women
  • Tanicia (boy) – created women
  • Taran (boy)Thunder
  • Vadin (boy) of unknown meaning
  • Hernan (boy) bold Journey
  • Param (boy) – best

Unique Baby girl names with global appeal

  • Aadhira (girl)
  • Baina (girl) – Clear
  • Earleen (girl)- Noble)
  • Edyta (girl) – Rich War
  • Edana (girl) – Noble
  • Galiena (girl) – Exalted One
  • Ganit (boy/girl) – Garden
  • Galena (girl) – Calm
  • Haide (girl) (Of noble kin)
  • Kalkin (boy/girl) –Last Incarnation of Vishnu
  • Nahilla (girl) – attainer
  • Olavi(boy/girl) – Descendants
  • Parisa (girl) – like an angel
  • Palani (boy/girl) – Free man
  • Quana (boy/girl) – Aromatic/light
  • Zuber(girl) – Pure
  • Zara (girl) – flower
  • Ryka (girl)- Born out of a hymn or prayer
  • Saisha (girl)- Truth of life; God; jewel
  • Saira(girl) – traveller
  • Anvi(girl) – One of Devi’s names, goddess of forest, someone who fulfills your desire
  • Inaaya(girl) – A gift from God, concern, support
  • Ivaana (girl) – God is gracious
  • Vahini (girl)- Army, Body of force
  • Zarin(girl)- Golden
  • Zyanna (girl)- Heart of light
  • ZeenaA(girl)- hospitable woman
  • Eeshta(girl)- Beloved; Name of Godess lakshmi
  • Ebbani (girl)- It means Fog or Dew Drops
  • Girima (girl) – daughter of mountains
  • Rabani(girl)- Divine
  • Radnya (girl) Daughter Of King
  • Baani (girl)- Earth
  • Pakhee (girl)- A bird
  • Ela(girl)- Born of Ila, The earth
  • Jia(girl) – Family
  • Elina (girl)- Pure, Intelligent Greek
  • Naomi (girl)- Pleasantness
  • Freena (girl)- Delicate as a Flower

In case you come to know of any such baby names that you would like to add to list above, do write in comment section and we will surely mention it up here, giving you credit for same !

Happy naming!!

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