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20 Books to read to 1 year old

Books are our best friends. We have grown up reading books and learning so much from them. Why don’t we make reading books a habit of our children at an early age? There are lots of books in the market for kids of different age groups. We can start reading books to your child at 1 year also. Here we are discussing 20 books that you can read to your 1-year-old child and they will learn so many new things in an interesting and engaging way.

1. I kissed the baby-

This book contains high-contrast pictures and exclamatory text are guaranteed eye and ear magnets for the littlest ones. To buy the book, click here

2. Moo Baa la la la!-

This book by Sandra Boynton illustrates the sounds of different animals. Your child would love to imitate them along with learning about the different kinds of animals. To buy the book, click here

3. Pat the zoo-

This book gives an amazing experience of touching and feeling the different kinds of animals like a furry panda or bumpy turtle. To buy the book, click here

4. Knuffle bunny-

Baby and daddy go on a trip with knuffle bunny and suddenly baby realizes that she left the bunny behind. She tries to explain this to her dad but dad doesn’t understand anything. To buy the book, click here

5. Time for bed-

This book contains the story of the lamb’s bedtime with his mama. It has a classical nighttime tale and snuggling animals will make your child fall asleep. To buy the book, click here

6. Counting kisses-

Bedtime book with the concept of counting numbers. How many kisses does a tired baby need, count 1 to 10? To buy the book, click here

7. Go, dog, go-

Illustrates a funny journey of two dogs- Big and little, going to a party by can, bus, bike, cycle, etc.  To buy the book, click here

8. Everywhere babies-

Delightfully endearing illustrations by Susan Meyers about the babies who are dressed, fed, loved, and enjoying everywhere. To buy the book, click here

9. From head to toe-

An introduction to body parts and body movements by different animals. Elephants, gorillas, camels, bears invite all kids to clap, stomp, snuggle, bend as they do. To buy the book, click here

10. Baby happy baby sad-

An interesting book teaching about the different emotions of your child. An ice cream can make the baby happy and he/she can be immediately sad when his/her favourite yellow balloon flies away. To buy the book, click here

11. Clip-clop-

Cat, dog, pig, and duck goes on a ride on a horse. Asks horse to run faster but what happens now. To buy the book, click here

12. Peek-a-who-

A great book to create some suspense about what is hiding on the next page. Keeps little ones guessing and giggling all the way to the surprise ending. To buy the book, click here

13. Baby faces-

A baby can understand most about the expressions by seeing other babies’ faces. This book shows the different emotions in a small baby. To buy the book, click here

14. The going to bed book-

This book tells that animals have their bedtime too. Various animals brushing their teeth and going to bed.

15. I like myself-

Teaches your child to love themselves and accept that we all are differently unique. Great book to teach about self-esteem to your child. To buy the book, click here

16. My car-

This book shows that haw a small baby takes care of his car. Washing it, wiping it, repairing engine etc. To buy the book, click here

17. Please, baby, please-

How parents have trouble handling their baby, this book explains in a very funny way. To buy the book, click here

18. Where’s spot?-

Where the small cute puppy has gone? Let’s find out! Lift each flap, find the spots. A perfect flap book for your child. To buy the book, click here

19. Little blue truck-

A little blue truck helps a big dumper truck and gets stuck too. Luckily, Blue has picked up lots of farmyard friends on his drive and enjoyed a lot. To buy the book, click here

20. Goodnight Gorilla-

A bedtime storybook for kids. Says goodnight to all the animals in zoo. To buy the book, click here

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